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Mar 22, 2012 9:30am EDT
. the committee meets this morning to receive testimony on the progress on the campaign of afghanistan. our witnesses are dr. jim miller, acting underbe secretary of defense and john allen, commander of u.s. forces afghanistan. a warm welcome and thanks to you both. i'm going to interrupt at this moment to take care of some nominations because we have kworum present. our troops in afghanistan are being asked to perform demanding and often dangerous missions and they're carrying them out superbly and professionally. general allen, on behalf of the committee, please pass along our unwavering support for our military men and women serving with you in afghanistan, our gratitude for their courageous and dedicated service and the support of their families. talking about families, i know that you have with you this morning, general, your wife, kathy allen and your daughter bobbi allen. i hope i got their names correctly. i temporarily got them mixed up a little earlier. i'm not sure i need forgiveness from either one of them. in any event, we're delighted that they're here. >> thank you, senator.
Mar 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
carefully the state of insurgency inside afghanistan and pakistan. i think we have had very important indicators just this year on one january of 2011. there were only 600 taliban. on 1 january of 2012 well over 3,000 had reintegrated. today there is 3,600 with another 400 in the pipeline. that says something about the insurgency at the grass roots level. because so much of the insurgency is not an idealistic as much as it is an insurgency that reflects dissatisfaction locally that tells us that the foot soldiers are just tired of the fight and they want to go home and they are assim lting back into their communities. it tells us the nature of who it is they have to oppose which is a capable afghan national security force is the force that don't want to have to fight. now they have opportunities with improved local governance and improved activity. there have been setbacks in some places of the country. but many of the grievances that ultimately sent many of these to join the taliban and the insurgency i think we can take some positive indicators away that the conditions have changed
Mar 20, 2012 10:00am EDT
to a close, we'll go live to capitol hill for coverage of afghanistan war commanding general john allen. he is testifying before the house armed services committee on issues in afghanistan this morning. this hearing comes as u.s. forcforc forces face a long list of concerns in the country, includi including last week's killing of 16 afghan citizens. president karzai has called for u.s. troops to withdraw to american bases, just before the start of the traditional fighting season. this is live coverage on capitol hill. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. the house armed services committee meets today to receive testimony from the acting undersecretary of defense for policy, dr. james miller, and the commander of the international security and assistance force in afghanistan, general john allen. gentlemen, thank you for your distinguished service to our nation, especially during this critical moment in afghanistan. and thank you for joining us here today. the last year has been a c consequential time for u.s. in afghanistan. with the surge forces in place the united states and nato forces
Mar 20, 2012 11:30am EDT
of the ansf to thin in other places in afghanistan. >> thank you. >>> committee will recess for five minutes. when we return, mr. wilson will be on for questioning. thank you.ta commanders in afghanistan testifying before the house armed committee this morning. a short break now. should be five minutes or so. we'll return to live coverage when they get under way here. it is budget day on capitol hill for republicans. this morning, the budget committee chair paul ryan released the budget. he offered details including cuts to medicaid, food stamps and pell grants and a number of other programs president obama worked to protect. dan pfeiffer reacted to the republican budget this morning. the white house budget once again fails the test of shared responsibility that would shower the wealthiest few americans with a tax cut and preserving taxpayer give aways to oil companies and hedge fund managers. the tax breaks are paid for by medicare and the things we need to grow our economy like education, research and energy. it's a portion of the statement. you can read it at our website, go to
Mar 24, 2012 12:00am PDT
of american nato forces in afghanistan, general john allen. >> so if you're the taliban and you believe that on the 31st of december 2014, that's the end of the international presence in afghanistan, that's a faulty assumption. and there will be an international presence in afghanistan for a very long time. there will be a government relationship. there will be diplomatic relationships, there will certainly be economic relations but there will also be, very importantly, a security relationship between the united states and afghanistan but the broader international community as well. in many respectes, the taliban has had difficulty sustaining themselves inside the human terrain because they've been rejected. the people do not want to go back to a taliban environment. they were on the fence for a while because they were not sure how this would turn out. but as local governance continues to gain traction, as economic opportunity becomes more widespread throughout afghanistan, what you find is the people, the people who might have accepted the taliban at some point in the past, see that th
Mar 30, 2012 4:30pm EDT
put forward as the future of afghanistan. during a bipartisan delegation, i visited along with a number of colleagues who hoped to become doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs and with afghan women training to become helicopter pilots in the afghan military. it really was an extraordinary trip. it highlighted so well the advances made for women. they wanted nothing more than to help provide for their families and contribute to the future success of their country. in consigning these women to the status of second class citizens, mr. karzai has turned his back on those who are still emerging from decades of abuse by the taliban. and i think threatens the future ability of afghanistan to function as a stable democracy and an american ally. i'm pleased the administration has taken steps to deter the egregious abuses by the afghan government, such as temporarily cutting off funding for the prison at the edge of kabul which has female visitors to invasive body cavity searches as was recently reported in "the new york times." however, this is an issue not yet resolved. so, my quest
Mar 20, 2012 8:00pm EDT
testified about military operations in afghanistan and the 2014 deadline for withdrawing troops. treasury secretary tim geiger told the makers the steps taken by european policymakers. that is later. in march 1979, see syrian began televising the u.s. house of representatives. today, our content of politics and public affairs, nonfiction books, and american history is available on tv, radio, and online. >> general allen expressed confidence in the military's ability to meet a 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops. he is joined at this hearing by defense undersecretary james miller. this is just over two and a half hours. >> [inaudible conversations]the. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. the house services committee meets today to receive testimony from the acting underserved secretary of defense, doctor james miller, and the commander of the international security and assistance force in afghanistan, general john allen. gentlemen, thank you for your distinguished service to our nation, especially during this critical morning in afghanistan. thank you for joining us here t
Mar 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
>> rose: welcome to our program. tonight we take a look at afghanistan and ask the question what's next with lara logan, zalmay khalil s.a.d.d., dexter filkins and jere van dyke. >> everyone i speak on the taliban side and the government is not in the government specifically but on the afghan side, the non-taliban side say they are preparing for civil war and if you look at the battlefield. the taliban isn't that interested in the u.s. anymore their focus is on 2014. post the u.s. they've been systematically going after all the leaders of the non-pashtun groups like the tajiks, the uzbeks, and they've been eliminating all the potential competition for the civil war. that's what they are... their strategy is built on that now. >> for the immediate future, of course, the focus has to be to preclude an escalation in tensions between the afghan people and the coalition. i believe that general allen who is here needs to go back and meet with the people who have been affected by this massacre and we need to show empathy, sympathy, an also financial support for the victims. and if the o
Mar 23, 2012 7:00pm EDT
as you indicated, we have gotten better at e. counter ed fight in afghanistan. we have gotten better at time. unfortunately, because it is not just persistent, but because the enemy is continuing to adapt. the joint organization has done good work. our team and country has continued to focus on that challenge. i can say that in multiple levels and multiple times, we have raised the challenge of this type of sanctuary for the development and for the movement of ied's and pakistan and afghanistan. pakistan has a very significant interest in afghanistan. they also have a significant interest, and it is probably because i know that they are suffering significant casualties within pakistan. he will continue to work with them. we will continue to do everything possible to address this and reduce the threat that these ied's post to u.s. coalition and afghan forces. >> i appreciate the comment. i recognize the delicacy of how to deal with this. you know, i also look at it from another perspective. for example, the capacity for afghanistan, and this is around some of the things we are doing -
Mar 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
on afghanistan. i cannot say his name, but i will say that he has great respect for you. i would like to use a couple words he used. recently in an e-mail, a brilliant soldier statesman talking about you, general allen, and you are as honest as the day is long. those qualities uniform or out of uniform, you can't say anything nicer about an individual than that. over the past ten years, i have been hearing from the administration and those in your position prior to you being here today, and dr. miller, your comments and general allen's is what i've been hearing for ten years. gains are sustainable, there will be setbacks, we are making progress but it's fragile and reversible. well, you know, going to walter reid and bethesda recently, i had a young marine, lance corporal, who lost one leg and he said to me with his mother sitting in the room, congressman, can i ask you a question? certainly, you may, sir. why are we still there? i look at this e-mail from your former boss and i would like to read a portion of it. attempting to find a true military answer to problems in afghanistan would tak
Mar 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
challenges remain in afghanistan and should not be understated. much will depend on countering the cross border threat from insurgents finding refuge in safe havens in pakistan's territory including dealing with the threat from the network on progress and reconciliation talks with the taliban. much will depend on the hamid karzai government proving the delivery of services and economic development taking on corruption and providing increased transparency and conduct of credible for financial and national elections. despite the challenges our troops throughout remains high and will see this mission through to completion and success. they deserve our support and have our support. senator mccain. >> let me thank our witnesses for appearing before us and their continued service to our nation. i appreciate dr. miller amended his expertise for this important hearing and obviously i especially recognize general allen who might be the only witness before this committee who's congressional testimony qualifies as art and art from his day job. i know general allen is first to say what inspires him
Mar 20, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in terms of on the ground in afghanistan? >> well, thank you for that question, and thank you for your comment on staff sergeant bales, and i assure you, the investigation will be thorough, and we do operate from a presumption of innocence. it is the nature of who we are and it's the nature of out of constitution and thyongressman. we are going to have combat forces in afghanistan to the end of our deployment. to the end of 2014. we fullythgh, that in 2013, as the ansf continues to move to the lead the fifth tranche of transition occurs, which, according to the lisbon conference, technically means that the ansf are in security lead across the country, our forces will move into a support roll to continue to accelerate and to support the ansf as it completes the security transition after the end of 2014. combat forces in afghanistan all the way to the end. they'll be fewer in number, and the nature of the forces will be inble respects nature, but we can anticipate that the u.s. will be engaged in combat operations in support of the ansf right to the end of 2014 helped us? >> i think it's
Mar 20, 2012 12:30pm EDT
-up on a question regarding running influence in afghanistan. you responded that there's potential for common ground between us and iran to cooperate for the long-term benefit of afghanistan, and you stated that we're -- that you are seeking to check the negative assistant between iran and afghanistan. and i guess my first thought is, do you think this is possible -- or is this common ground between us and iran is possible, given the leadership and the current iranian regime and how does the long history between iran and afghanistan provide any sort of a basis for leveraging events in favor of our national security, and do you know for certain that we're effectively checking a negative assistants by iran to the insurgency and overall question is, is it wise in your opinion, to proceed with the current drawdown given the iranian government's support to this insurgency in afghanistan. a lot of questions there. sorry. threw them at you all at once. >> we're seeking to understand exactly what iran is doing in afghanistan. but we also understand that iran and afghanistan have their own bilateral relation
Mar 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
. >> activists in syria say there's been another gruesome massacre in the city of homs. villagers in afghanistan demand an explanation as to how an american soldier was able to shoot dead 16 people in their homes. the financial chief meet to sign off on greece's second bailout, the focus shifts to other troubled economies. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm geeta guru-murthy. also in this program -- black children in south africa to private schools as the state school system is widely seen as failing. and tiger woods limps out of his latest golf tournament, raising doubts as to whether he'll make the masters. >> activists in syria say there's been another gruesome massacre. the bodies of women and children have been found in the city of homs. some reports are suggesting that up to 47 people might have been killed. the bbc has received pictures, but they are too distressing to show. the country's state television has blamed armed terrorist gangs for the killings. the bbc's middle east correspondent is on the line now from beirut. john, details still coming in on this. >> destays still coming in, an
Mar 30, 2012 3:00pm EDT
in afghanistan remain to deny safe halve tonight al qaeda and to deny the taliban the ability to overthrow the afghan government. this administration is committed to meeting these core objectives. while we have faced serious challenges, our strategy is succeeding. our counterterrorism efforts against al qaeda have been successful. the job is not finished, there is no doubt that we have severely degraded al qaeda's capacity. as a result of this surge launched in 2009, we have broken and reversed taliban momentum in afghanistan. in the afghan national security forces are increasingly capable, and increasingly in the lead. mr. chairman, our forces are performing extremely well. as i saw firsthand in a trip to afghanistan less than two weeks ago. we are well into a process of transition to ansf leadership, as agreed to at 2010 nato lisbon summit. today almost 50% of afghans already live in areas that have begun the transition process to ansf lead. as interim milestone at some point in 2013, the ansf will be in the lead for providing security across afghanistan. at that time u.s. and coalition
Mar 20, 2012 11:00am EDT
was telling us in afghanistan we needed to train 70,000 folks in afghanistan. we were going to do 10,000 a year for seven years or 7,000 a year for ten years. somewhere along those lines. it's now up to 352,000. what can you tell me that's going to assure me that in july you aren't going to come back or even say after may in chicago, you aren't going to come back and say we meant 400,000. we went 450,000 security forces? >> mr. larson, there's in-depth analysis behind the number 352,000. i can't tell you it shouldn't be 351,000 or 353,000. very good analysis in terms of the requirement for the afghan national army and police. and other elements that could provide security. now, sir, i guess i would turn it around and say if we had a recommendation from general allen saying the numbers should be different, i would want to hear that from general allen and want to bring it forward to the secretary of defense and forward to the white house. we have a lot of analysis behind the current assessment. it's based on not just an assessment of what the situation is in afghanistan and where it ma
Mar 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
that afghanistan is on track? >> and the principle dancer and britain oppose a royal ballet at just age 19 and why he made a leap for artistic freedom. >> you just want to start fresh. ♪ >> hello. it is a year since the start of the syrian uprising, a struggle that daley seems more bitter and entrenched. both sets of made big sacrifices, upwards of 8000 people have perished so far, according to the u.n. the drive for international diplomatic consensus continues. debate between the opposition's 4 and france over whether to send arms into syria. even among those who oppose president assad, such issues are not clear-cut. we will here from two of them shortly. first, tim looks at why the regime is proving so resistant. >> a year on, the images of anger and grief in syria have barely changed. this is how the longest of the arab uprising took off, 12 months and perhaps 10,000 deaths ago, in the town of deraa. the spark was a demonstration demanding the release of young people arrested for scribbling anti-regime graffiti. soon, they were burying fellow protesters shot by troops. it was the first case o
Mar 24, 2012 2:00pm EDT on thursday, the commanding general of the afghanistan war, general john allen, said that the killing of 16 afghan civilians has "struck a blow at the core of the relationship" but that hamid karzai is committed to partnering with u.s. and nato forces for the long term. he said recommendations on further troop production -- reductions would not be made until after the forces leave the country in september. >> good morning, everybody. the committee meets this morning to receive testimony on the progress of a campaign in afghanistan. our witnesses are dr. jim miller, actor -- acting undersecretary of defense afford general john allen, commander u.s. forces afghanistan. a warm welcome. thanks to you both. i will interrupt this at this moment to take care of some nominations because we have a quorum present. i asked the committee to consider a list of 246 pending military nominations. they have all been before the committee for a required length of time. is there a motion to favorably report the to hundred 46 nominations? >> xcel move. >> is there a second? >> all in favor? opposed? the motion
Mar 16, 2012 12:30am PDT
in afghanistan has suffered two setbacks. the taliban is suspending peace talks with the americans almost before they started. the group objects to the involvement of hamid karzai's government. and president karzai has called on forces to end patrols in afghan villages. that's because of the killing of 16 villagers. but there will be no change in strategy. >> it all began here. almost 7,000 miles from afghanistan, a place where once twin towers stood. now a memorial to the 2,983 who died on a single day. david and samantha cameron remember 9/11. she was in new york. he, in london. for hours he had no idea whether she was save. katherine wolf was not. her death and all the others remembered today triggered a war a decade old and not yet over. >> do you understand why some people seeing you here may say so much has been sacrificed apparently for so little. of course, we made big sacrifices and britain in particular losing over 400 of our soldiers. it is worth remembering why we're there. and it is the right place to remember, including 67 british nationals died right here on 9/11. that terrorism w
Mar 22, 2012 11:30am EDT
the forces in afghanistan in direct proportion and in direct response to the operational environment and the insurgent threat. the expected force will ultimately be a force that has sufficient policing capacity to provide protection to the population and an army and an air force that have the capacity to move sufficiently quickly to the point of requirement, either back up the police as necessary or to conduct additional counterinsurgency operations. so we're looking for a force that has those balanced capabilities, sir. >> dr. miller, would you like to add anything to that overview? >> senator udall, general allen has april covered it. i would say that we understand what the composition is to be of the 352,000 with 195,000 a.n.a. and 157,000 afghan national police. the composition and the overall number when and as those numbers are reduced based on conditions is not yet determined. and that is -- as we think about the post 2014 planning, we will need -- we need and we are thinking about a range of different contingencies and a range of different situations and understand that while
Mar 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
this could mean on a strained mission in afghanistan. >> is it time for us to leave afghanistan, mr. speaker. >> i think it is. >> jeff: pensions, republican employees are slashed in one new england town, tony guida tells us rhode island may have been first but it won't be last. >> and remembering-- remembrance in japan one area later. bill whitaker is there as the country reflects on the earthquake and tsunami. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, i'm jeff glor t was awful news from afghanistan coming at such a critical time. and tonight the fallout is just beginning. a stunning and so far inexplicable mass killing by an american soldier inside a small afghan village. that soldier acting alone, u.s. officials say, opened fire early today just outside his base in kandahar province. mandy clark begins our coverage in kabul. >> reporter: the shooting rampage took place here in the village of balandi after an american soldier, an army staff sarge ent walked off his remote base just 500 yards away and went house-to-house killing villagers. 11 people
Mar 11, 2012 8:30am PDT
in the afghanistan war. as tensions grow in afghanistan in the wake of the koran burning, an american soldier apparently opened fire for no legitimate reason on afghan civilians. we'll have the latest from mandy clark in kabul. back home, the republican campaign grinds on. rick santorum swept the kansas caucuses, and mitt romney won in wyoming, but there was no mistaking that the big battles were down south. >> good morning, y'all. good to be with you. i got it right this morning with grits. i'll tell you. delicious. >> the first time he had ever tasted grits. i just wanted to reassure all of you that i have had some acquaintance in a variety of forms with shrimp, with cheese, with gravy. i get it. >> schieffer: it was one of those you can't make it up weeks on the campaign trail. so where do things stand now? after winning georgia, newt gingrich is still dancing. but can he or santorum stop romney? we'll ask him. then we'll talk to a top obama campaign advisor robert gibbs. the latest on the campaign and afghanistan with analysis from correspondents norah o'donnell and david martin. this is
Mar 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. the committee meets to receive testimony on the progress of the campaign in afghanistan. our witnesses are dr. jim miller, acting undersecretary of defense for policy, and general john allen, from the assistance force and commander of u.s. forces, afghanistan. a warm welcome. i want to interrupt to take care of some nominations, because we have a quorum present, and i will ask the committee to consider a list of 246 pending military nominations that have been all before the committee. is there a motion to favorably report the 246 military nominations? is there a second? hollen favre say -- all in favor sayin aye. the motion carries trade the troops are carrying out their missions professionally. general allan, please pass along our unwavering support for men and women serving in afghanistan. our gratitude for their courageous and dedicated service and the support of their families. talking about families, you have with you your wife, kathy, and bobbi.dydaughter, i think i got the next up this morning. we're delighted they are here. >> thank you, senator. >> the success of our mission depends
Mar 22, 2012 12:30pm EDT
in the war on afghanistan? >> i believe it is. >> would you awe glgree we have had it right since general mcchrystal have we had the right strategy and resource? >> really not ten year, just will it right the last several years. do you agree with me, dr. miller and general allen, that afghanistan is a center of gravity for the moment in the war on terror? >> i believe it is, sir. >> senator, i do, and given our history there, it's also essential for our credibility in conducting operations elsewhere. >> here's a comment. no one can guarantee success in war or politics. you can do your best. i have great deal of confidence in your plan. i ask my colleagues to listen closely. you've asked good, hard questions, but i have come to conclude that you and your plan represent the last best chance for success in afghanistan. do you both agree with that? >> i concur with that, sir. >> senator graham, this is an essential moment in afghanistan. >> i got you. that's good. >> senator, i want to say that, there will be bumps on the road, and you know that, sir. >> this is the last best chance, no guarante
Mar 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-american sentiment harbors in afghanistan after the murder of 15 civilians. the soldier's client is not -- to align the lawyer of -- the lawyer for the soldiers said they did not expect him to be charged for several weeks. >> there is an attack near a base in southern france. >> broadcasting to america on pbs and around the world, this is "newsday." >> the nato's military mission in afghanistan has suffered two setbacks. the taliban is suspending peace talks with the americans almost before they started. the object to the involvement of hamid karzai's government. hamid karzai has called on nato forces to end patrols in villages after the killing of 15 civilians by an american soldier last weekend. apparently there will be no change in strategy. >> it all began here, almost 7,000 miles from afghanistan. a place where once a twin towers stood. now, a memorial to the 2983 who died on a single day. david and some at the camera and remember 9/11. she was in new york, he was in london. samantha and cement cameron remember 9/11. >> so much has been sacrificed apparently for so little. >> of course we made
Mar 7, 2012 5:00am EST
world news." >> six british soldiers are reported missing, presumed dead, in afghanistan after their vehicle exploded in helmand province. a super tuesday for mitt romney as he wins the key republican primary in ohio and five other states. >> our campaign is on the move and real change is finally on the way. >> unions in south africa planned protest marches against planned road tolls. welcome to bbc news. after 20 years of economic stagnation in japan, we hear the voice of a lost generation of 20-year-old who have never known secure work. six british soldiers are missing in afghanistan believed killed. it happened in the south of the country. there was an explosion near an armored vehicle on tuesday. the families have been informed. it brings the total number of british soldiers killed to more than 400. we will show you pictures of those soldiers in a moment. first, our defense correspondents has details on this new attack from the ministry of defense in central london. >> there's still some confusion as to what exactly happened. at is in part because we understand this warrior
Mar 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT
blitzer begins now. >>> afghanistan and a vow of revenge from the taliban after an american sole yes is accused of killing 16 civilians in cold blood. i'll speak exclusively this hour with the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, general john allen. >>> and on this, the eve of crucial primaries in the deep south, mitt romney gets a big endorsement in an unlikely comedian. will that help him in two very tight races? >>> and is president obama already in trouble? a new poll shows him neck-in-neck with his top gop rivals. james carville and david are standing by. we'll talk about that. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." >>> a new wave of fury may be about to explode in afghanistan after a u.s. soldier allegedly walked out of his base and went on a house to house shooting rampage. 16 civilians are dead, nine of them children. military authorities say the soldier acted alone and turned himself in. vowing revenge for the killings, a statement from the taliban calls u.s. forces and i'm quoting, sick-minded american savages. u.s. officials are voicing deep sorrow. >> le
Mar 7, 2012 1:00pm EST
for overseas contingency operations in fiscal year 2013, the conflict in afghanistan remains our military's foremost security challenge. the afghanistan mission is entering a critical phase of transition. the drawdown of the 33,000 u.s. surge force is scheduled to be completed by the end of this summer, and the remaining 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistantie t quote, at a steady pace, thereafter, through 2014, according to president obama. u.s. and coalition forces have begun to move from the combat lead to an advise and assist role in support of the afghan national security forces, as those forces increasingly assume the lead for providing security. this transition is to be completed by 2014, when afghan security forces will have assumed this security lead throughout the country. as the u.s. troop presence in afghanistan winds down, our special operations forces will assume greater and greater responsibility for the afghanistan mission and for advising and supporting the afghan security forces. even after 2014, our u.s. military plans on having an ongoing presence in afghanistan to train
Mar 13, 2012 5:30pm PDT
.s. soldier accused of those murders in afghanistan. what we've learned about the rampage and the innocent lives lost, and how it might affect the mission of u.s. forces there. >>> showdown in the south. two primaries tonight. two more tight races that could once again have a big impact on the gop race. >>> and making a difference. a living legend 100 years old and still on the job. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we are learning more tonight about the u.s. army staff sergeant being held after a rampage that killed 16 innocent civilians in afghanistan. the latest, really in a string of incidents that have all been big steps back in the massive military effort, the effort to win hearts and minds in afghanistan that long ago became this nation's longest war. the president used strong wording when talking about it today in the white house rose garden. >> the united states takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens and our own children who were murdered. we are heartbroken over the loss of innocent life. the killing of innoc
Mar 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
of killing 16 civilians to be tried -- the afghanistan problem and has called for a u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 civilians to be tried. president obama has described the killings in kandahar as shocking and tragic. >> anger at an atrocity committed by an american soldier who was there to protect them. as afghans cover the bodies of civilians, in washington, president obama sought to calm a volatile situation. he phoned president karzai to extend his condolences to what he called a shocking and tragic incident. >> this was an individual acting alone, not with authority. we also have the individual in custody, in u.s. custody, and he is being interrogated by army investigators as we speak. >> the suspect has been described as a 38-year-old married man with children. this was his first deployment to afghanistan. he had previously served three tours in iraq. while that will raise questions and self, the more urgent issue is how to stem public outrage among the afghan people. last month, angry protests after u.s. troops accidentally burned copies of the koran. these murders threaten to
Mar 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
an enduring partnership with afghanistan so it is never again a source of attacks against america. the need for a long term commitment extends also to coalition partners as nato secretary said in december, quote, our commitment does not end with transition, we will finish the job to help create a secure afghanistan for our shared security. achieving a durable peace in afghanistan over time will require some form of reconciliation among afghans. it is no means certain, by no means certain, that this reconciliation effort will bear fruit in the near term but it is very much in our interests to try. as secretary clinton said any negotiated outcome must meet our red lines for reconciliations. insurgents must renounce violence, break all ties with al qaeda, and they must abide by the constitution of afghanistan. success in afghanistan depends on the support of afghanistan's neighbors particularly pakistan. like afghanistan's other neighbors, pakistan has legitimate interests that must be understood and addressed. and pakistan also has responsibilities. most importantly it needs to take steps to
Mar 22, 2012 11:00am EDT
has to listen very carefully. what's happened in the last year in afghanistan, which i think is very important, is that the karzai administration, through a minister within the afghan peace and reconciliation process and the peace committee, peace si council, he is the current ceo, if you will, of that organization after the assassination of rabbani, who headed the high peace council. we have created assisting the afghans, an afghan process, reintegration process throughout the country, a bureaucracy which has a provincial peace committee in each of the provinces and a joint secretariat to support it. on 1 january of 2011, there were about 600 insurgents who had reintegrated across the country. today there are 3,800, and there's another several hundred that are in the process of reintegrating. there are a number of others that have gone home that we call informal resbre gators, but we don't know that number and there's even more. that's something the enemy, the insurgency, has to account for. they've attempted to intimidate them, but very few have gone back into the fight, and i thin
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